25% more Powdersnow

Vitaltron 2000 Special is a special Model for snow-making facilities.

Snow-making facilities with the snow collection equipment Vitaltron 2000 Special produces 25% more snow than snow-making systems without. The device. Vitaltron 2000 Special is environmentally friendly and incorporates an environmentally-friendly specialty.

Vitaltron 2000® Special works especially well in the important borderline temperatures.
Snow-trials show in marginal temperatures, about - 0.8° C wet-bulb temperature with Vitaltron 2000® Special the very positive effect of the Vitaltron 2000® Special - 1 C versus wet-bulb temperature without Vitaltron 2000® Special. Similarly,with automatically controlled waterflow in the area of 95l / min was achieved specific snow weight with Vitaltron 2000® Special averaging 457 g / l significantly lighter than without, here at 472 g / l.

With wet-ball temperature in the context of -7 °C to -9 °C C the difference when taking into account the quantities of water used was not so significant. The Vitaltron 2000® special had reached similar snow weights.
Vitaltron 2000 Special is a special Model for snow-making facilities.


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Vitaltron Snow-Making

In the movies you learn specifics about the Vitaltron 2000 Special production of powdersnow and snow behavior with or without Vitaltron 2000® Special.